Substantial Reserves Moving Towards Commercialization

Battle Creek will be North American Helium’s first producing field and will provide a strong foundation to support the growth of our business and the execution of our strategy.

Significant work has been conducted to date. Proprietary and third-party 2D and 3D seismic data has been gathered, purchased and reinterpreted to delineate the extent and character of this deep structure. We have drilled three successful wells, followed by extensive flow and build-up testing on each well, with corresponding pressure tests for communication on our other wells.  A combination of engineering studies (flow and pressure data) and geologic modelling (seismic and well data) led to development of significant proved and probable helium reserves at the Battle Creek field.

North American Helium is working with multiple parties to commercialize the Battle Creek field as part of a larger regional helium liquefier hub in Western Canada. This “proof of concept” project is expected to generate healthy cash flow, and could potentially be used to accelerate the attainment of critical scale for North American Helium to build a liquefier of our own at one of our many exploration prospects.