Minimizing Environmental Impact

North American Helium manages its environmental responsibilities with the goal of minimizing any impacts on the environment and meeting and surpassing all applicable regulations. We are committed to being responsible stewards of the land. Prior to any permit or lease application, our land and operations staff conducts an exhaustive study of plant and animal habitats that could be effected by our operations. By proactively working with all stakeholders to avoid environmental disturbance, we are able to be more efficient and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Our drilling operations use environmentally conscious materials and the majority of the site cleared for our drilling operations is returned to active farmland within a year after we complete a well. In addition, North American Helium is a member of the South of the Divide Conservation Action Program (“SODCAP”) and adheres to the standards and expectations of this organization dedicated to sustainable development.

For more information on SODCAP please visit www.sodcap.com.