Since 2013, North American Helium has invested over $450 million and devoted a significant amount of management focus towards exploration activities. Outside of our core staff related to geology, geophysics, engineering, and land, we continue to have a strong contingent of external consultants from specialized fields related to our exploration effort.

In 2017, North American Helium began to shift its focus from understanding the sourcing, migration, and trapping of helium to acquiring rights to highly prospective lands and structures, and also initiated  a significant seismic and exploration and drilling program.

In 2020, the Company was able to acquire significant and vital trade seismic data as well as shoot meaningful new seismic which vastly improved our subsurface understanding in Southwest Saskatchewan to support future exploration drilling. Data from wells already drilled continues to be evaluated and incorporated into our modeling as the team refines their understanding of helium fairways.

With a tremendous amount of success in our exploration efforts to date, and a successful transition to helium production activity, our exploration efforts remain focused on expanding drilling inventory as the company continues to advance and grow.