Our Vision is simple, to be the largest and most reliable producer of non-hydrocarbon-based Helium in North America. To achieve this Vision, we have set ourselves three Strategic Priorities that will see us focus on exploration, value creation and operational capacity.

Sustainability is a priority that permeates every level within our business. The Board supports the development and prioritization of our ESG commitments and will ultimately monitor our ESG performance. 

Economic Performance

Our operating model must continue to deliver economic returns in a sustainable way that actively mitigates and prevents environmental threats and seeks to positively contribute to society and our key audiences, either directly or indirectly.

Access To Resources

We know our long-term economic success is predicated on being able to extract natural resources in a sustainable way.

  • Ensure minimal disturbance and full reclamation throughout the life cycle of our operations.
  • Recognize the Indigenous communities impacted and engage with them in a respectful and inclusive way.
  • Be mindful of water use and wherever possible reduce our consumption and/or recycle or repurpose.


Helium is a global resource with supply concentrated in only a few geographic regions around the world, some of which have a history of political unrest. As the demand for helium grows we will continue to monitor global supply and demand dynamics and be proactive to ensure we remain a secure and reliable source for North American demand, as well as exploring opportunities to expand our supply beyond North America.

Legal & Regulatory Management

As leaders in our industry, we have a responsibility to maintain and exceed the highest of standards in all areas of our work, going beyond basic compliance. Horizon scanning is a critical element of our risk management work, ensuring we understand the current and changing legal and regulatory landscape.

We have developed a well-established and robust approach to corporate risk management, that is designed to ensure risks are identified, evaluated, analysed, managed and mitigated in a timely fashion. Our senior leadership are ultimately responsible for risk management, but our culture implies that every employee and contractor has a part to play in ensuring we are effectively handling and always striving to minimise risk. 

Business Ethics & Professional Integrity 

Transparency and accountability have been a cornerstone of North American Helium. We believe in open and honest communication internally and externally with our stakeholders, celebrating what we are doing well, but also being clear where there is room for change or improvement.

For us, business ethics is a key aspect of our culture, meaning that we believe it is everyone’s responsibility in the Company to uphold the highest standards and practices at all times. The trust of employees, local and Indigenous communities, investors, governments, regulators and other stakeholders is critical. We understand that trust is earned by acting and leading with integrity, and consistently over a long period of time. The company has committed to developing and updating a range of policies and procedures to govern how we operate, this includes the behaviours and norms that we expect of all employees, partners in our supply chains, collaborators and even customers.