Leading Supplier of Sustainably Sourced Helium

NAH continues to bring new helium supply to the market year over year. As we continue to grow and expand our production capacity, we purposely retain a portion of our volumes for the spot market. These spot volumes provide our existing and new customers the opportunity to purchase high quality helium to meet their demand.

We provide spot sales of high purity Grade 5 gas, liquid helium (via customer’s ISO containers or utilizing our own containers) and lifting grade gas to meet your specific business needs.

For helium sales inquiries contact Brad Neuls: marketing@nahelium.com

North American Helium is an established player in the helium market and is the leading supplier of green helium produced from non-hydrocarbon sources. 

Since inception NAH has provided its customers various grades of helium to meet their critical business needs.  Whether it is lifting gas direct from our purification plants in Saskatchewan, or high purity helium gas or liquid via our tolling partners in the United States, we have the in-house logistics capability to provide a reliable helium supply solution for your business. 

North American Helium is a customer-focused company providing flexibility in all that we offer, which includes long-term reliable helium supply from geopolitically safe geographic regions within Canada and the United States.

Most of the Company’s assets reside within Saskatchewan, Canada, where discovered helium fields produce from nitrogen charged reservoirs. Nitrogen is a clean carrier gas and comprises approximately 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. This means, NAH’s helium supply is ~99% cleaner from a CO2e emissions perspective, versus other global sources which are almost entirely produced from hydrocarbon-based resources. 

The Company generally markets volumes under long-term sales agreements and we continue to focus on establishing significant partnerships that provide value to both our customers and NAH.

Helium Transportation & Logistics

NAH manages a fleet of 24 high volume composite helium transportation trailers and 6 Gardner 175-40 ISO containers. The addition of ISO containers to our transportation fleet expands our service offering by enabling the delivery of liquid helium directly to customers who do not own or have access to ISO containers within North American or internationally.


With the Company’s fleet of 6 ISO containers, NAH is shipping liquid helium to customers around the world. This is particularly valuable for customers who do not own their own ISO trailers and allows transport of liquid helium direct to end users of this critical input to various manufacturing processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our ISO container fleet.

Building a Global Helium Hub in Saskatchewan

As the Company continues to grow, the long-term strategy envisions creating a helium hub in Southwest Saskatchewan.

  • Future liquefaction facility is expected to be located in southern Saskatchewan within our core operating area and near the Trans-Canada highway, providing for ease of transportation logistics.
  • The helium hub will provide access to both domestic markets as well as international markets via sea ports within Canada and the United States.

If you are interested in securing a reliable, green, long-term source of helium, please contact us at marketing@nahelium.com.