Our Strategy For Helium Exploration, Development and Production

North American Helium aims to be the largest and most reliable producer of nonhydrocarbon-based helium in North America.

Every aspect of our business is guided by the following three principles:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Innovation & Collaboration
  • Stewardship & Accountability

With these guiding principles as our foundation, and as leaders in our industry, we will continue to grow through the execution of the following three strategic priorities.

1. Create value through science driven best-in-class exploration
Continue to responsibly explore for and develop new sources of nonhydrocarbon-based helium using the best technologies available.

2. Vertical integration
Maintain operational capacity to consolidate all opportunities and establish a regional helium hub in Saskatchewan, Canada.

3. People, Systems & Technology
Grow a team with a structure in place that allows for increased productivity while continually enhancing our culture and reputation.

Sustainably Sourced Resource

Historically, helium has been produced as a by-product of conventional natural gas production and C02 projects for enhanced oil recovery. North American Helium differentiates itself by targeting underground reservoirs of helium-bearing inert nitrogen carrier gas that does not contain significant amounts of methane or CO2. While we are able to utilize the same equipment used to drill for natural gas, our projects have a significantly reduced capital cost compared to natural gas projects because there is no need for expensive pipelines to bring our product to market. This lessens our environmental footprint, offers greater flexibility to pursue exploration opportunities, improves our project economics and shortens our timelines for delivering product to market, as compared to other large-scale helium projects.

Largest Helium Prospective Land Position in North America

Since our inception, North American Helium has assembled an unrivaled package of helium leases and exploration permits covering an extensive catalogue of seismically-defined opportunities in our core operating areas. This land base has 21-year lease tenure and will provide decades of exploration and development opportunities. Our land strategy is data-driven, utilizing existing well information from thousands of shallow wells and a tremendous wealth of seismic data assembled by previous oil and gas exploration efforts coupled with significant investments in our own proprietary seismic data.  We believe Saskatchewan is the most attractive, stable, low-risk, and development friendly jurisdiction in the world.

Well-positioned for Growth

As a private company, we have been able to “de-risk” the opportunity while capturing a land position that cannot be duplicated. We have the benefit of a strong balance sheet that has allowed us to develop and pre-order multiple production facilities through 2024 which significantly reduces the timeframe from resource discovery to production. Exploration and development drilling is ongoing, and we continue to apply our learnings on the multi decade runway of opportunities in our portfolio.  Our goal is to continue to grow our reserve base and production over the next several years creating a highly profitable and free cash flow generating entity.

Focused on Commercialization

Helium processing technology is over 60 years old and we are leveraging relationships with multiple third parties that design and manufacture processing technology suited to the climate and gas composition found in our operating areas. North American Helium now has 7 helium purification plants on-stream, including Battle Creek which is the largest helium purification facility in Canada. We plan to add more helium processing capacity in the next year as we work toward creating a new helium hub in Saskatchewan.