Marketing & Logistics

North American Helium is an established player in the upstream helium economy in North America.

The company commenced first helium production and sales in the summer of 2020, in southwest Saskatchewan. NAH has successfully developed new economic sources of high helium content gas in North America to supply industries with growing demand such as space exploration, semiconductor manufacturing and small modular nuclear reactors (SMR’s).

In May 2021, the company started production at its Battle Creek purification facility near Consul, Saskatchewan, now the largest helium purification facility in Canada. The company sells approximately 60mmcf/year of purified helium to customers in North America and in International markets.

Helium fields in Saskatchewan are found predominantly in nitrogen charged reservoirs. Nitrogen is a clean carrier gas and comprises approximately 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. This means, NAH’s helium supply is ~99% cleaner from a CO2e emissions perspective, then other global sources which are derived from hydrocarbon-linked resources. 

If you are interested in securing a reliable, green, long-term source of helium, please contact us at marketing@nahelium.com.