Helium Exploration & Production

North American Helium is a Calgary-based private helium exploration and production company founded in 2013. We have acquired rights to explore for and produce helium on an expanding property base of over 500,000 acres in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. We have already drilled three successful wells, discovering substantial reserves of helium.  Our Battle Creek field in SW Saskatchewan is rapidly moving towards commercialization, while we actively explore other untapped structures.

Helium is a vital element. From medical imaging and research to space exploration and national defense applications, major technologies in our lives rely on helium. North American Helium is well-positioned to meet growing long-term demand for helium thanks to its assets in the right jurisdiction, in the right location and with the right geology to deliver helium supply to world markets.

Our goal is to develop new sources of helium supply in North America, the world's largest helium market, to ensure that this vital element is available for science and industry in the coming decades.

Our Economy and Our Quality of Life

Learn more about helium and what access to the element means for our economy and our quality of life.

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