A Leader in Helium Exploration & Production

Founded in 2013, North American Helium (NAH) is the leading company focused on exploration and production of helium from underground fields of inert nitrogen. The Company's mission is to grow its reliable and geopolitically secure supply to replace declining supplies of helium in North America that currently come from legacy hydrocarbon projects and diminishing sales from a Cold War-era stockpile in the United States.

NAH currently produces over 5% of helium supply in North America and is actively advancing new projects during this period of global helium supply uncertainty.

The Company currently:

  • Has 7 helium production facilities
  • Has a contiguous land position of over 9 million acres in SW Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Owns and operates Canada’s largest helium facility(Battle Creek), near Consul, SK
  • Sells gaseous and liquid helium in the spot market and on long-term contracts to some of the largest global industrial gas companies

NAH has discovered 11 new helium fields in Saskatchewan to-date and also has exploration assets in Utah, Arizona, and Montana. Plans for 2024 include bringing additional production facilities online and running a continuous exploration program with up to 2 drilling rigs targeting a total of 20-30 wells.

The company is working to rapidly grow its production to meet the increasing helium demand from semiconductor manufacturing, space exploration, and emerging applications like small modular reactors (SMR) and nuclear fusion.

Our Economy and Our Quality of Life

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